10 Amazing Educational Websites For Kids Worth A Visit

By | April 18, 2022

Learning should be fun for children. Here are the best educational websites for kids that help them learn science, social studies and more!

If you’re a parent or teacher looking for resources to help your children improve their education, you don’t need to look too far. There are many great free learning websites for kids to keep them entertained and educated.

Here are some of the best free educational websites for kids that they’ll want to keep visiting, keeping them out of your hair and making sure they’re using their computer time productively.

BrainPOP tackles every subject from math to music with hilarious animated films. It breaks down even the most complex concepts into easy-to-understand chunks and uses connectable real-life scenarios as examples.

Videos are complemented by relevant interactive quizzes, activities and games that help push each concept home. Kids will love Moby, the cute robot that appears in the video.

The website is subscription based, but there are some interesting freebies as well. Don’t miss the daily highlights feature which teaches kids about a variety of timely and relevant topics, from the US president to cyberbullying to American Indians.

Starfall is an excellent website for kids in kindergarten and first, second, and third grade. There are no ads anywhere and all content is produced by a talented team of educators and creatives. However, some content is behind a paywall.

Your kids will shape reading, phonics, math, and more through a series of fun activities. There is also a collection of seasonal games, cards and cartoons.

Want to limit your child’s screen time? Keep them busy and entertained with offline activities from Funology. This website may be designed as an idea toolbox for parents and teachers, but there’s no reason why it can’t double up as an online laboratory and a playground for kids themselves.

Funology has an instruction set to help kids try science experiments, arts and crafts projects, and even magic tricks. It also has tons of games, jokes, and trivia that you can save for later.

The site includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner recipes, and they come with unique names and descriptions to entice little cooks. Now, who doesn’t want to snack on rainbow melon salad, a leprechaun’s favorite dish?

While BBC Bitesize is aimed at the British curriculum, it is perfect for children around the world of all ages. It has lessons, games and resources for all public school subjects: History, Math, English, Science, and more.

BBC Bitesize also has topical lessons to help children understand the news and educate them about the world in general, such as how to spot fake news or how to prepare for exam results.

Games are one of those languages ​​that every child seems to understand without needing to learn it. Funology makes full use of these facts to help kids master math, spelling, reading, and more.

Funbrain has hundreds of interactive games designed to educate and entertain children. Several popular books and comics, such as Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Brewster Rockit, are available as free reading on Funbrain.

If you have preschoolers, head to the Playground section for games that will teach your little one mouse and keyboard manipulation. Bright colors, cute graphics and gameplay, and a safe online environment make FunBrain the perfect online playground for kids.

Like its magazine counterpart, National Geographic Kids’ interactive website keeps kids excited and curious about the world around them.

The website’s home page is a clickable, colorful mosaic of content designed to appeal to young minds. Amazing photos and videos of different places, flora and fauna to keep kids and adults alike hooked.

National Geographic Kids uses cool materials like facts, games, quizzes, and polls to teach young explorers concepts related to geography, natural sciences, archaeology, and more.

Coding is one of the best tech skills you can encourage your kids to do. But you won’t succeed in getting them to explore it if you don’t make programming fun. Leave the work to Scratch, a web app that teaches coding with visual tools and an easy-to-use interface.

This website teaches coding through a “cause and effect” approach. You click on various color-coded instructions to see how they affect the cute animal sprites. For example, by clicking a certain button, you can make the sprite move 20 spaces to the left.

Scratch ensures that your child’s introduction to programming is far from boring. They can create and share interactive animations, games and stories, while learning to reason and think creatively.

Award-winning educator Bob Pflugfelder (aka Science Bob) is on a mission to make science fun for kids. He explains various scientific concepts using experimental demo videos.

Kids won’t encounter the “don’t try this at home” warning when playing spoilsport. They receive detailed instructions for recreating approximation experiments that encourage a hands-on approach to science.

Children can satisfy their curiosity about things like “why do we cry when we chop onions?” and “why are our toes crinkled in the tub?” through the Q&A section.

You can’t go wrong with Elmo, Oscar, Cookie Monster and the gang. This show aimed at young children has a brilliant website full of preschool games, videos and coloring pages.

The site is very interactive, especially the part where you visit Seasme Street itself and mingle with each of the characters. It’s all voiced, brightly colored, and packed full of exciting gameplay.

As much as children fear math, they seem to fear history even more. What if they had the opportunity to “be there” when events from our collective past unfold? Wouldn’t they want to learn more about those times? The folks at sites like MissionUS definitely think so.

With its collection of free video games, MissionUS gives kids a way to immerse themselves as protagonists in US history. They can choose from different missions to complete. Each mission introduces them to a different time and aspect of history, such as the Boston massacre and the anti-slavery movement.

Teach Your Kids Internet Safety

Hopefully, this website can not only get over your child’s cries of boredom, but also teach them a thing or two along the way. Remember to also educate your kids about internet safety it can get wild out there and it’s good for them to know the dangers.