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Work From Home Tips to Prevent Corona Virus from Spreading

Companies are now flocking to order their employees to work from home, aka work at home, to prevent the spread of the corona virus or Covid-19. Not only 1-2 days, work from home can take weeks, until the corona virus pandemic can be overcome.

Work from home can be very challenging, especially for employees who have never had the experience to bring home office work. That is why, there are a number of work from home tips to stay productive at work, so that your boss remains satisfied with the results of your achievements.

Work from home tips to prevent corona virus below:

1. Maintain communication between colleagues and superiors
According to a professor from Northeastern University, United States, there must be clear rules regarding communication between colleagues and superiors.

Communication is an important factor when working from home. Without good communication, your work can be hampered, even not reaching the target.

Ask your employer to describe the targets that must be achieved, during the work from home period.

In addition, communication can prevent feelings of loneliness from employees at home. A study that included 2,500 employees, proved that loneliness can make them unmotivated and hard to productive.

2. Maintain the appearance and cleanliness of the body
Work from home must also be tidy
Just because you are allowed to work from home, doesn’t mean your body’s cleanliness and appearance can be ignored. Psychologically, cleansing the body and maintaining appearance can make you mentally ready for work.

Especially if your boss asks you to be ready at the front of the laptop, if there is an important meeting that requires you face to face via teleconference or video call.

In addition, by maintaining a clean body, you can avoid various diseases.

3. Does not force the body and mind
In the office, working hours are structured; ranging from productive hours of work, rest periods, until it’s time to go home from the office. If you work from home, your work hours might be worse. Instead of wanting to be productive, you force yourself to work indefinitely.

Love your body and mind. Give a break every 45-60 minutes of work. After getting enough rest, go back to work. This can maintain your ability to concentrate. That way, you are able to work optimally.

However, do not make this as an excuse to rest continuously. Stay fully committed to getting the job done, as instructed by your boss.

4. Manage distraction
Working in an office can prevent you from distraction. How about work from home?

Beware, working at home can bring a variety of distractions, including caring for children, lying on a mattress, to relaxing fun.

There is no harm in playing with children or relaxing fun, but must know the time limit. For example, playing with children while relaxing, at recess. When the break is over, return to the front of the laptop and finish your work.

5. Stay sociable
Don’t be alone and immerse yourself in work. Keep maintaining communication between colleagues, even neighbors. Loneliness can make you unmotivated. Finally, the work could not be completed with the maximum.

In fact, you are advised to stay out of the house, but not too far away. Walking around the residence can be an option. In this way, your mind can come back fresh to do work that can make you tired.

However, if you are sick, don’t leave the house. This is done to prevent the spread of any disease, including corona virus.

6. Eat healthy foods
Eating healthy food while working from home can help you stay fit and ready to face the challenges of work. Eating healthy foods can also improve your mood at home.

Not only that, eating healthy foods during work from home can also improve your ability to remember. Of course this can benefit you in the midst of a lot of work piling up that must be done from home.

7. Does not work while lying down
Avoid lying down when working from home
Work from home makes employees tend to do their tasks on the bed, while relaxing. According to a chiropractic (spine and muscle therapy), working while lying on a mattress will only cause back and neck pain.

Use a chair to sit, and make sure the head is parallel to the laptop in front of you. So, neck and back pain can be prevented.

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