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Good news for readers who want to play Pro Evolution Soccer! Konami is ready to launch the free version of PES 2019 Lite which now has many more modes than the previous Lite version. This time, in addition to being able to play offline exhibition, we can also play PES League and take part in global scale online competitions with other players.

Konami and PES also specifically opened the Global Online Championship tournament with the 3v3 Co-Op mode that you can follow at PES 2019 Lite.

Now, we can access the MyClub feature which will enable us to make one dream team and bring it to a big competition. More or less, this feature challenges access to FIFA Ultimate Team owned by their rivals, FIFA. It seems that this challenge answers Konami’s loss of their Champions League rights lost this year.

Reportedly, if indeed Konami gets a big loss from PES 2019 sales which dropped to 42% compared to PES 2018. Apparently, this is Konami’s attempt to give his players free access to Pro Evolution Soccer. Although their income has dropped, Konami seems to not want to lose fans by providing additional content on PES 2019 Lite. Is the PES 2019 Lite edition a Konami answer to the poor PES 2019 sales yesterday? Apparently, this will be the momentum of the rise or fall of Konami and the series of Pro Evolution Soccer games.

FIFA 2019 sales that are far above PES 2019 seem to make fans see that this game has not changed much in the past few years. What do we think? Does this good news still make you want to play Pro Evolution Soccer?

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