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How to treat gerd quickly

Symptoms are very diverse. There is a disturbance in LES, stomach acid rises again to the exophagus (bile reflux), causes burning sensation in the chest such as burning, tightness of the chest, sometimes want to breathe hard, breathing like not until, throat choked, often strep throat, sore throat, often want belching but can not get out, pain in the left abdomen, pain in the right upper abdomen, heartbeat / rhythm disorders, thought to be a heart attack or coronary heart, even though the results of ECG and treadmill are all normal, and so on. Those are just some of the symptoms.

Not to mention insomnia, whack, days of not being able to sleep, vertigo, excessive anxiety / anxiety, panic attacks (panic attacks), paranoids come to heart disease, nasopharyngeal cancer, feel like dying.

Symptoms experienced by each person is different. Some experience some symptoms, such as lasting sore throat and slimy neck, but do not experience shortness of breath. There are often tightness and chest pain but do not experience abdominal pain. So it does not have to all the symptoms above appear in one person.

In some GERD patients, anxiety can be experienced until the person concerned does not dare to meet people, does not dare to go out of the house, even meeting the nearest neighbor was afraid, did not dare to be in a crowd of people. Go to the mall? Boro-boro Just ask, just hearing the word Mall shudder, shortness of breath, right?

As for the cause – as usual – the doctors cannot explain. The blame is only smoking, alcohol, spicy food, and eating portions. If only that is the cause, what about people who don’t smoke, for example, how can GERD be affected? Or people who don’t consume alcohol? How come you get GERD too? When it comes to spicy food, how come there are so many other people who eat crazy sauce, but why isn’t GERD affected?

Surely that question arises right?

The mystery turns out to be WHEAT FLOUR and all foods made with flour: donuts, pizza, blackforest cake, instant noodles, fried bakwan, pasta / spaghetti, bread, and others.

Try all the sufferers of GERD to remember, surely everyone is happy with foods made from wheat flour. Especially instant noodles, donuts, pasta, and bread. And for lunch or dinner, most eat only rice and animal side dishes, without fruit, without vegetables.

In fact, the right gasoline for the machines in our body is – once again – 70% fruit and vegetables, 20% carbohydrates, and 10% animal protein. If we eat more carbohydrates and protein, we might as well have given the wrong fuel to our bodies. Proverbial, should be given Pertamax plus, this is filled with kerosene, so the machines are damaged in the stomach.

Wheat flour is a refined carbohydrate that is DIFFICULTLY DISCOVERED by our intestines. First, our pancreas glands are only able to work supplying carbo digestion insulin enzymes for 4 hours. If you eat rice in 2 hours is finished, so it does not burden the pancreas.

What happens in the intestine when we eat food made from flour?
If the food is food made from flour, the stomach does not finish digesting first, because over time, it is rotten. And when it finally comes down to the small intestine, it takes 72 hours or 3 (three) days before the small intestine can absorb carbon into the blood. This pile of flour in the small intestine will block the entrance of various other foods that we eat afterwards, sticking to the intestines. This sticky flour destroys fine fibers (called micro villi) along the walls of the small intestine which are supposed to absorb nutrients from food into the blood. This process also makes the injury along the intestine or digestive system.

And when the nutrients from the food we eat cannot enter the blood, the supply of nutrients needed by the brain is very blocked, so the brain is unable to produce the hormone serotonin which is supposed to regulate feelings of comfort, calm, happy, happy, and maintain a good mood , and others. That is why GERD patients generally become overly anxious, often fear excessive, including fear of meeting new people, fear of being in an unknown place, and various other fears that feel unreasonable.


But the repair process is not easy and not for a moment. The key is PATIENCE.

1. The process of repair of the intestine is not a process that is completed overnight. The process can take weeks or even months.

2. Follow the Food Combining meal schedule with discipline, because the meal schedule has been arranged in such a way as to meet the nutritional needs of 70%, 20%, and 10% stretched.

3. Stop all food consumption from flour. This is the most crucial.
Just break the relationship with flour, bread, instant noodles, and others. Maybe at first it will feel heavy, upset, sorrow, broken heart, crying, because they have to break up from favorite foods. But believe me, recovering from GERD will also be happier than making friends with instant noodles, fried bakwan, donuts, pizza, pasta, spaghetti, and being stalked by GERD.

4. Stop consuming sugar altogether (and all sugary foods and sugary drinks including tea and coffee), as well as cow’s milk (including cheese, yogurt, and all foods and drinks made with milk ingredients.

5. In the early switch to Food Combining, what will happen is the cleansing of the digestive tract, and the process of repairing and restoring wounds that may be along the upper gastrointestinal tract, namely the mouth, esophagus, stomach, and intestine 12 fingers / duodenum. Various sensations of GERD that had not yet appeared, can begin to be felt in this phase. No need to fear, this will only last the first month, and is a sign that the repair process has already begun. Panic, anxiety, and fear might be very pronounced. Even things that seem very trivial can feel like a big problem. You must learn some relaxation techniques, to control the high anxiety (anxiety). But slowly it will soon be felt that the sensations of GERD are increasingly diminishing, even if there are still appearing, the intensity is not as heavy at the beginning, and as digestion improves, all sensations will disappear one by one.

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