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Caring for Curly Hair for Easy Regulation

Caring for curly hair is generally different from other hair types. If you are one of the owners, here are some forms of curly hair care that can be done.

In the world of beauty itself, curly hair types are divided into three groups based on the density of the arch. Type A curly is the loosest type of curly with hair curls like the letter S.

Type B curly hair is characterized by curly shapes seen from the hair roots and adequate volume. This type of curly hair generally needs a moisturizer to maintain its spiral characteristics.

While type C is the most dense curly, even the owner’s hair can be played like a spring. Each type of curly hair has its own special type of treatment.

However, if you are confused as to what type of curly hair you have, there is a treatment for curly hair that is common and can be applied to all types.

The do’s and don’ts when treating curly hair
The biggest challenge for curly hair owners is to keep it from expanding too much so that it has the ‘lion hair’ effect. To make each strand of your hair easily conquered, you basically need to use a hair conditioner that is quite intense.

The denser your curly hair pattern, the more amount of moisturizer is needed to keep curly hair healthy and orderly. The amount of moisturizer needed will increase if your hair is also thick.

In addition, there are some signs in treating curly hair that you can follow, such as:

Avoid shampoo containing sulfate
Shampoo using shampoo from natural ingredients that do not contain sulfate. This is done to prevent natural oils in your hair from being reduced so that it becomes dry and cracked.

Use a special cream for curly hair
To make sure your curly hair is always well hydrated, you should also use a special cream for curly hair that is sold in cosmetics stores and certain salons. This cream will complement the use of the shampoo and conditioner that you use so that your hair is always moist while keeping your curly hair well.

Avoid using hair clamp tool
Beauty experts do not recommend curly hair to be straightened with a vise. This is done to avoid excessive heat exposure which will damage the structure and health of your curly hair.

Pineapple method
When you don’t want to wash your hair while bathing, tie curly hair over your head and cover it with a shower cap so it doesn’t get exposed to water which results in more difficult hair management afterwards. This method is called the pineapple method.

If you are not sure about the right form of treatment for curly hair, try consulting with a particular cosmetologist. Or, you can follow someone’s hair care on social media with the same hair condition as you.

Tips for maintaining healthy hair
Treatments for curly hair should also pay attention to the overall condition of the head. Curly hair that grows on oily scalp has a different treatment than dry scalp.

Therefore, the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) recommends whatever shape your hair is in, keep following the hair care methods to stay healthy:

Oily scalp owners should wash once a day, while dry scalp is 2-3 days to prevent hair from getting dry.
Apply shampoo to the scalp. Just cleaning the hair will only make the strands difficult to manage and look unhealthy.

Instead, use conditioner on the ends of your hair to produce the effect of falling and more manageable hair.
For those of you who like to swim, you should use a head covering made of rubber so that the water does not wet the hair. Don’t forget to use shampoo and deep conditioner after swimming to prevent your curly hair from losing its natural moisture.

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