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Block Ads Extension 2019

Maybe we have heard the term extension in a browser or application. Things to note here I will tell you how an extension works as it should. Extensions are devices that are widely used by people because helping our work will become easier. The extension that I will discuss here is the extension that is very popular but is sought after by many people. Therefore I am here to explain and share my own experiences using extensions that are widely used by people. Extensions to block an advertisement are the main topic this time because every time we browse in a browser whether browsing for websites or searching for articles and videos, of course we often see advertisements disturbing and spending our internet quota very much. With the number of ads when we surf in cyberspace the drawback is that it will slow down the level of a page because the process of displaying ads is very hard and makes our cellphones or computers slow. For example, I will open a website that I need because usually everyday I always look for tutorial websites, but when I find a website in the water, there are lots of ads that pop up, which annoys me in reading the articles. Extensions to block ads are a very appropriate tool to overcome or overcome problems that I have mentioned above.

With ad block extensions whether when we are going to surf or open a web it will be light without any burden from some existing ads. Actually there are many extensions that can be searched for in a browser, especially in the Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome browsers, each add on extensions to block ads. The advantage when we use the extension to block the ad as a personal experience When I open a web that has a lot of ads, the ad will not appear again and I read the article that is not disturbed at all with the ad because there are no annoying ads in the article section I read. We need to know that the articles we read everywhere are actually very useful knowledge and can be useful. But if we open an article on a website, of course, we will find an advertisement that is actually an ad that does not interfere. If we do not focus on the ad itself.

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